What Mama’s Say

What Mama's Say

I like your calm, knowledgeable attitude, the way you focus on our babies often and refer to labour calmly and quite regularly – it makes me think of the labour as not some distant, separate moment but obviously where we’re headed with our pregnancy.”

I’ve really enjoyed all the sessions and think they’re a nice mix of doing some actual yoga and getting the heart rate up coupled with talking about pregnancy/labour and relaxation techniques.”

I like the specific poses for troubleshooting – some have genuinely helped my physical issues like rib flare and achy back.”

I’ve really enjoyed the breadth of the classes, the informal atmosphere and the open discussion of how certain moves relate to labour.

Overall, I’ve been very impressed. Lovely props too!”

The labour was pretty good as labours go! Natural birth with gas and air. I used a lot of my yoga practice throughout to deal with the pain.
Thanks for all your help in the classes. I’ll definitely recommend to other pregnant friends.”