Tips To Prepare For A Positive Induction

Tips To Prepare For A Positive Induction


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Induction is one of the most common ‘what ifs’

As many as one in 5 babies in the UK are the result of an induction.

Certainly, for the couples I meet on my East London Hypnobirthing courses, it’s one of the most common things women are afraid of or have negative associations with when it comes to birth.


How to have a positive induction is one of the things that we discuss in my  Calm Birth School hypnobirthing course. After all, there is no right or wrong way to birth your baby and for some women, choosing induction may well be the safest option.


The process of induction itself has to be performed with your informed consent. This means that the risks and benefits of the procedure for you and your baby have been explained to you and you agree with your care providers that it is the best course of action for you and your baby.


It is not something that happens to you. This is your body, your baby and YOUR CHOICE and although in some instances you are likely to be strongly advised by your care providers to proceed. It ultimately has to be your decision and you are ‘allowed’ to decline

For more information on your rights Visit AIMS or the NICE guidelines.


If you decline the induction then you have the right to additional monitoring for you and baby which seems like a sensible offer to accept. This might mean additional visits to your care providers to check in.


Ok, so it’s unlikely that induction was in your dream birth plan. But take ownership for that decision. You have made the call to do what you deem best for you and baby.

You still might be feeling a bit down or disappointed.

So honour your feelings and then decide to make peace with that decision, it’s time to crack on and work on making this a positive induction.


Next steps


Have you heard lots of negative stories about inductions? Time to plant some positive seeds. Here is a great positive induction story to get you started.


Head on over to this amazing positive induction Facebook group set up by one of my fellow Calm Birth school instructors Jade.

there all sorts of wonderful resources, including a course and lots of women sharing empowering, induction birth stories


Watching other birth stories can also be very powerful

Take a look at this beautiful induction birth story on YouTube, I always show this to my Hypnobirthing clients. Gah, it gets me every time!



It’s a good time to revisit your birth plan

Is there anything you want to add or edit? It would be a good chance to go over it again with your birth partner and care providers to check that everyone is still happy.


Think about your birth environment. Induction has to take place in a hospital labour ward. The bright lights and potential lack of privacy aren’t conducive to the optimum birth environment for the birthing hormones. But that doesn’t mean that you have to just roll over and accept it, It might just take a bit more thought. An eye mask is a great addition to any birth bag if dimming the lights is not an option.

Think about what you can pack in your bag to feel like the hospital is a home from home. Whether it’s a pillow or blanket, some familiar smell or something visual like favourite family photos. You choose.


With any change in circumstances of the birthplace, I always advise my ladies to practice a bit of visualisation. The mind is a powerful tool when it comes to birth. As often as you can, picture yourself birthing confidently in the hospital, with your induction taking place, you feel safe and comfortable.


You might have heard that inductions are more painful, it’s not a given by any means but there is an element of truth there.

Time to talk about hormones (my fave!)

When you birth naturally, the hormone cocktail of oxytocin and endorphins work as Mother Nature’s pain relief, soothing the sensations and the levels building as labour intensifies

If you get to the stage of your induction where Syntocinon is administered to instigate contractions (Surges for my Hypnobirthing crew!) those hormones haven’t had a chance to build up and that is part of the reason you might feel more discomfort than if the contractions had built up in their own time

BUT here’s the good news. You can build up your own hormone levels with a few simple tips, time to get the birth partners roped in.

  • The power of positive touch, hugs, massage, stroking, whatever floats your boat
  • Sexy time. Ok, so you might need a bit more privacy for this one. When you have a big O you release a big dose of oxytocin! Birth Partner not your life partner….consider a bit of self-love!
  • We laugh when we are relaxed, when we laugh, we release endorphins (yes that’s the pain-relieving ones!)
  • Dim the lights. If at all possible. If not, consider an eye mask see above. The hormone melatonin is released in the dark and it BOOSTS oxytocin levels. yay!


Well….There’s a few to get you going at least


My advice. The single most important thing you can do is focus on being as RELAXED as possible. Here is where things like the breathing techniques you learn in Hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga really come into their own. Sometimes clients question whether Induction means that everything they have learned goes out the window. Far from it, I think. In some ways,  when birth presents us a challenge to navigate such as induction then you actually need the tools and techniques even more!


Thanks for taking the time to read this far I hope you have found this useful


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