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Laura Kay
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I'm currently attending Katie's pregnancy yoga classes and really loving them. It's such a nice way to start the week. Katie really takes the time to find out how pregnancy is going for you, and will adapt each class depending on what aches and pains or other needs the class members have. The classes are thoroughly relaxing which I love, whilst helping to ease any pain or tension I have. Katie obviously has a great knowledge of pregnancy and hypnobirthing. She has really useful tips for pregnancy, birth and beyond. highly recommended! can't wait till next week.
Laura Ellington
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I took Katie's Hypnobirthing classes and I can honestly say that the experience was absolutely fantastic and I am so grateful to have seen Katie's post on the Facebook group "Walthamstow Life" advertising her classes. Hypnobirthing allowed me to be able to have a calm and positive experience of Birth even though everything on my birth plan flew out of the window!! I still had an absolutely fantastic experience and I have Katie to thank for that. I thank her for her ongoing support and for teaching me the skills I need to know that whatever happened during my birth, I would be able to handle it in a calm and positive way (which is something that I feel quite shocked about as I sometimes find it difficult not to have a fixed mindset!) I would highly recommend this to any mum to be. It could honestly completely change how you view birth for the better!
Meg Hendrickse
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I highly recommend Katie’s yoga class for bonding with your baby and your changing body, meeting other mamas, beautifully restorative guided relaxations and super personalised support. It truly made a huge impact on my pregnancy, labour and birth and I’m actually gutted I can’t go any more since having my baby!
Monica Lindgren
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I went to Katie's yoga classes a few times during my pregnancy and they were absolutely great. They left me feeling really relaxed and more focused. Katie is a really good instructor and listener and gave some really good tailored advice. I would highly recommend her pregnancy yoga classes!
Evan M
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Thoroughly enjoyed Katie’s hypnobirthing course. It was really informative and evidenced based, but never felt dry or overwhelming. In fact, her meditations and relaxations made it so it was always quite a relaxing experience that felt like we were doing some lovely self care on these cold winter evenings. Katie ensures the course and her resources are tailored around your concerns and questions. We both left the course feeling much more relaxed and confident about the birth process, and actually looking forward to it a lot. Not to mention she always has great snacks on hand too! We’d absolutely recommend this course for anyone interested in learning more about the birth process, wanting questions answered in an evidenced based way and learning techniques to help keep calm and advocate for yourself to have the birth you’d like, and deal with changing circumstances if they arise. Thank you Katie
Helen F
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We really enjoyed this course and came away from it feeling a lot more prepared and calm about birth. The small group size and Katie’s calm, relaxed yet informative style was perfect. I would highly recommend
Sherilee C
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As excited and thankful as my partner and I were when we found out we’d soon be a family of 3, it’s safe to say that this was soon followed by being completely shell shocked and panicked!...in come Peace Love and Birth. We attended the course once a week over a period of 4 weeks in a group setting, with other expectant parents. We found this aspect really beneficial as it was comforting to meet others sharing a similar journey to ourselves. Each session had a dedicated focus including breathing and meditation techniques which we were able to practice in class, what to expect before and after labour, types of delivery and more. The course is led by the lovely Katie who really puts you at ease, makes an effort to get to know you and what you want from the course as well as answer any burning questions. Admittedly the concept of hypnobirthing was completely new to us but we’re so glad we completed the course as we feel more prepared and relaxed and would highly reccommend!
Joanna H
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Really great course - Katie is a brilliant teacher. The Hypnobirthing course is v informative but Katie also delivers it in a v inclusive and warm way, creating a good atmosphere. We learnt a lot and it opened up topics of conversation between me and my husband, making us more prepared for birth.
Jessie S
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Katie’s hypnobirthing course was great- she provided a welcoming, relaxed and down to earth space to discuss birth and practical ways to help prepare for it. All of which made us feel ready, positive and excited for it! It complimented other classes such as NCT and the hospital information well and in the process we met other lovely local parents to be! We would really recommend it to anyone considering hypnobirthing!
Lizzie R
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We started Katies hypnobirthing classes when i was 34 weeks pregnant. I always felt very calm about giving birth, but wanted a class where we could learn about the full process of labour, answer all the questions i had, and gain an understanding on why our bodies do what they do! The classes made me feel incredibly empowered and confident in my decisions, knowing that we do have choices when it comes to labour, so many more than I realised. Katie has a lovely chilled, yet knowledgable approach which I really liked, super down to earth and warm. Would highly recommend!