Pregnancy Yoga East London

Weekly Pregnancy Yoga Class Details

My nurturing pregnancy yoga class is held 7.00 – 8.30pm weekly in the intimate surroundings of:

Host of Leyton, 658 High Road Leyton, E10 6JP

I welcome all women to the class and you don’t need any yoga experience. I recommend starting any time after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

The 90-minute class includes moves tailored to your needs, with safe modifications of regular yoga poses, up to date antenatal information and a blissful 20 minute guided relaxation to round things off. All props are provided at the space so just bring you and your bump!


Pregnancy Yoga East London

Benefits of yoga whilst pregnant

  • Relax, rest and revitalise your body and mind – reducing stress and anxiety
  • Strengthen and tone your body to stay healthy throughout your pregnancy, and after
  • Learn strategies for birth including breathing techniques, movement in labour and how to relax
  • Share your pregnancy experience with others in a supportive, safe space
  • Discover ways to encourage optimum fetal positioning for the birth
  • Take some time out of your hectic day to focus on you and your baby
  • Learn safe ways to modify your yoga practice in pregnancy from a prenatal specialist
  • Alleviate day to day pregnancy ailments such as PGP, headaches, heartburn and back pain

Interested in my yoga class?