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Ten Moons Pregnancy retreats in London

There are so many ‘things to do’ before the baby comes though right?

You’re reading pregnancy books and taking antenatal classes

Planning for maternity leave and handovers at work with your team

Your partner begrudgingly taking you to Ikea for the 10th time

Chances are you are probably decorating, buying a house or moving home on top of all of this…am I right?

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the pregnancy planning and forget to stop and enjoy the moment…

Ten Moons pregnancy retreats in London have been specially designed to give you a break from all of the things.

Time for you and time for your baby, time to just BE.

Because everything else can wait for now.

Imagine this. You leave feeling blissfully relaxed, refreshed and even more excited to meet your baby.

Experience the amazing benefits of pregnancy yoga and learn practical poses and powerful breathing techniques for birth.

Learn how to use essential oils safely and harness the power of aromatherapy in pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Create your own Mothermoon plan in this 4th-trimester workshop, leaving you prepared for life after birth

Feel the deep relaxation and stress relieving effects of a therapeutic sound bath.

Release any fears around pregnancy and childbirth with a powerful Hypnobirthing meditation.

Ticket price includes a hearty plant-based lunch and tea and snacks throughout the day

This retreat is suitable for anyone after 15 weeks in pregnancy

Ten Moons Pregnancy retreats in London are held every 3 months at Benk + Bo in Spitalfields.

Upcoming dates are 7th September 

Get in touch information on dates, timings and venue  

RRP £125 – Limited release early bird tickets are £99