Hypnobirthing course info



Don’t let the name put you off! Hypnobirthing is a practical programme that gives you;

  • The tools and for a calm & confident birth

Visualisations and relaxations combined with simple breathing techniques to enter a state of deep and focussed relaxation.

  • Complete antenatal information

All the things you want to know about the birth process – the science, the evidence and the practicalities. You’ll leave feeling informed and empowered. it works alongside OR instead of any other antenatal classes you choose to take

  • A safe space to chat about birth

All the questions you want to ask; interventions, birthing pools, hospitals, in fact pretty much anything. There’s a place for hypnobirthing at all births.


  • Helps you to work with your body, which is designed to give birth

  • Empowers you to make informed choices about your care

  • Inspires you to connect with your body and work with your instincts

  • Promotes confidence and calmness to replace fear and negativity

  • Contributes towards a more enjoyable and relaxed pregnancy and birth



  • Gives them a well-defined role to play in the birth of your child

  • Inspires confidence in the birthing process

  • Equips them with practical tools and techniques to help mama relax before and during birth

  • Provides them with the necessary knowledge to ask midwives and doctors the right questions, helping the couple make informed choices

  • Promotes playing an active role in pregnancy and birth. Can help build a closer bond with mama and baby



  • Enhanced pre natal bonding with parents

  • A calm relaxed mum helps baby to regulate their emotions in the 3rd trimester.



  • You being told there is a right/wrong/best way to give birth. Only what’s right for you

  • Where you have to stay silent at the birth…that’s Scientology!

  • A replacement for good medical advice. I actively encourage you to build a solid partnership with your care providers.


If you are booking a group or bespoke course then expect the following to be included in the sessions 

  • Understanding the full process of  labour
  • The important role our hormones play in birth and how you can play these to your advantage
  • How the uterus works and helping the muscles work effectively and efficiently
  • The importance of the mind-body connection

Encouraging positivity

  • Encouraging new habits and thought patterns
  • Discussing positive birth stories for every type of birth
  • Maintaining a healthy attitude towards changes in circumstances

Relaxation tools

  • Easy breathing techniques you can practice at any time
  • Self-hypnosis relaxation recordings that programme the subconscious to look forward to giving birth; instilling calmness and
  • Relaxation scripts to practice with your partner, giving you the opportunity to connect and spend time bonding with each other and your baby

Preparing your body for birth

  • Pelvic floor exercises that you remember to do
  • Perineal massage –  when and how to do it
  • Encouraging baby to take optimum positioning for labour
  • Helpful positions for the stages of labour

Inspiring confidence

  • Letting go of fears associated with pregnancy and birth
  • How to ask care providers the right questions to ensure you make choices that are right for you and your baby

Coping strategies

  • How to deal with the sensations of labour
  • Pros and cons for all pain relief options, helping you to make informed decisions about your care

Birthing environment

  • How to create the perfect environment for your labour
  • Practical tips; whether you are at home, in a birthing centre or on a labour ward

Special circumstances

  • What to do if your baby is breech and helping it turn
  • Cesarean preparation – relaxations to help you prepare mentally and physically
  • Strategies for coping well with induction

The golden hour and 4th Trimester

  • What to expect in those precious moments after the baby is born and preparing for early parenthood