Hypnobirthing Course Walthamstow

It’s normal to feel anxious about giving birth, but what about if that anxiety runs deeper.

How on earth are you actually going to push a tiny human out when you are practically in tears from a bikini wax?

What about all the things that can go wrong? I’m guessing you have heard lots of horror stories about 5 day labours?

You just don’t know what to expect and that scares you more than anything, at least you would know what to expect from a c section right?!

Maybe you have been in denial since becoming pregnant and have been putting all these feelings in a closed box until now.

These stories about the agony of childbirth have been sold to us from an early age, EVEN those episodes of friends you watched in the 90s!

I’m guessing not many people have told you about their calm, amazing or even orgasmic birth experiences right??  (Yes you heard my right, orgasmic. google it if you don’t believe me!)

If you are the sort of person who switches off when the advert for one born every minute comes on or has to cross their legs and put their hands over their ears when someone starts to talk about birth then keep reading.

What if there was another way to birth? A calm way, a way you could birth without fear.

A way you could feel like you are taking back the power. And really own your birth.

A way that you could leave you and your partner feeling fully prepared to navigate those what ifs and work towards a positive birth even if it doesn’t go to plan.

A way that gave you powerful practical tools and techniques to use at a homebirth swinging from a chandelier or at the hospital with ALL the drugs. 

You will learn all about the wonderful things that are happening in your body, how it’s designed to give birth and how you can use all the amazing birth hormones Mother nature gives you to help you have a comfortable and calm experience

The magic of Hypnobirthing can work even if

  • You’ve already booked into NCT classes
  • You’re approaching the end end of your third trimester
  • You are having a caesarean or induction or classed as high risk.

If you don’t finish the course, feeling more informed, more empowered and more excited to give birth then I will give you your money back. No questions asked.