Guest Blog –  A guide to using crystals in pregnancy and birth

Guest Blog – A guide to using crystals in pregnancy and birth


You may well have noticed a modern mysticism revolution happening within the wellness world. We are coming way more curious when it comes to things like tarot, reiki, and crystals.

You might be like me when it comes to preparing for birth. Yeah, you want the practical stuff and you want the evidence-based resources but you also crave a holistic experience and that’s all about how you FEEL and feeling empowered is a start right?  I recall buying a beautiful crystal with my partner to have in our birth bag on the day and I used it as a positive anchor for calm in the birthing room for our hypnobirth


My knowledge of crystals is limited so I roped in Jill Urwin, jeweller, one half of Modern Mystics She’s Lost Control and one of my girl gang to tell you all about crystals and how you can incorporate them into your daily rituals during pregnancy.  


How they work


Crystals have been used for thousands of years as natural healing tools, and with the recent crystal craze, we’re only just starting to open our minds up to their true benefits. Think of crystals as living minerals that each have their own energy field, which in turn interacts with our energy field, our emotions and our state of mind. Take, for example, quartz

crystal that’s used for watches. Why is it used? Because quartz has a unique ability to stabilise and store energy… it keeps those hands ticking round in a regular rhythm. And this is precisely how crystals work with our bodies.  Each crystal type has it’s own personality, it’s own frequency, and it’s own way of reacting.


Crystal care

Before delving into some of these properties it’s important to understand how to care for your crystals. Remember that they’re ‘tools’, they only at their optimum potential if we cleanse and program them. There are many ways you can cleanse your crystals; with sage or palo santo, under the purifying rays of the full moon, or by gently rinsing them in salt water (not all crystals can survive water, so be sure to check!)  The key here is to cleanse them with intent. Visualise all those negative energies and unwanted attachments washing or floating away. Now you’re ready to program your crystal… this sounds complicated but it’s not really, it’s just about ‘talking’ to your stone and asking it to help manifest your Intention.


Here’s how you can use crystals for common emotions that you might feel during pregnancy and birth



Often when we’re feeling overwhelmed we need to focus on coming back into our body, so something to ground us can really help. My go-to favourite would always be smoky quartz, it has a really balancing energy that can help to stabilise our emotions. Crystals resonate with our different chakra points and help to fine tune and balance our energy. So just like a guitar that’s out of tune, with a little helping hand, the output can be fine-tuned so that it’s a lot easier on the ear.  Smoky quartz’s is associated with our root chakra, which really helps us keep our feet on the ground. I often suggest sitting comfortably and placing a piece of smoky quartz under each of your bare feet, and then taking a moment to focus on your feet, and feel into the support they’re receiving from mother earth. Visualising the crystalline energy flowing from earth, through your feet and into your body. Pregnancy can take it’s toll on your feet, and in some cases, you might not be able to see them let alone reach them so rope your partner or a friend in to help you place the crystals!



When we’re worried or anxious it’s all centred in our solar plexus, we bottle it all up in there, you know when you get  butterflies or that sudden worried gush feeling in your stomach? I’d look to tigers eye to lift us up and out of this anxious cycle. Tigers eye is like having your supportive best friend by your side… your rock. It can help tackle negative blockages that prevent our energy from flowing freely, which will in turn leave us feeling energised and more open to attract more optimistic thoughts. The strength of tigers eye can bring us a sense of

empowerment and boost our confidence… giving us the courage we need to overcome any concerns we have surrounding birth. Gently place the crystal above your baby bump, so that you and your baby can connect to it’s vibe and invite the vitalising energy to wash away those anxious thought patterns.



Suffering from fatigue during pregnancy can be caused by so many different factors… stress, lack of sleep, physical exhaustion, work, hormone changes… the list goes on. So it’s important for pregnant mamas to truly get in sync with the natural flow of their bodies, and rainbow moonstone can really help with this with it’s gentle, yet uplifting feminine energy. It can help balance hormones – both pre and post birth,  making it easier for you to really get into the flow with your body, recognising when it’s time to rest, or when it’s time to get up and go. It can help to lift that foggy haze that can make our minds feel heavy and tired, leaving space for clarity and our intuition. Unsurprisingly, moonstone works well to get us in sync with the ebb and flow of the moon and it’s powerful cycles, so it’s a great stone to have with you throughout the full pregnancy as you journey through the different stages of pregnancy and beyond. Add a small moonstone meditation into your daily ritual or routine. It can just be a few minutes, maybe it’s as you wake up, after making a cuppa or whilst in the shower, and use your moonstone to as  a focus point while you quiet your mind and connect with your body and intuition. How you are feeling? What’s coming up for you today? How can you be more gentle with yourself? Working with it thought pregnancy will help your baby familiarise itself with the crystal’s energy after birth, instilling a sense of calm.



Insomnia is exhausting, whether you’re pregnant or not. Luckily, there are lots of soothing crystals that can help out here – celestite, amethyst, clear quartz, rose quartz – but my number one stone for insomniacs is definitely lepidolite. It’s perfect to put an end to those obsessive thoughts that go round and round in your head, acting like a filter to negative thought patterns. I always think of t’s smooth mirror-like surface as literally refracting those restless thoughts from entering our minds, like a night shield … this stone seriously means business! It stays active all night, calming your mind and creating a safe, protective and peaceful bubble around you. Gently cleanse your lepidolite each night with some palo santo before bed, just to reset it. Then, holding it up towards your forehead, close your eyes and set your intention for a peaceful sleep followed by 20 deep breaths. Afterwards, you can pop it down on your bedside table (make sure its not cluttered), rest those eyes, and go to sleep. Lepidolite is another good stone to keep with you after birth… both for the mama and baby!


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