How to create a birth vision board

How to create a birth vision board

A vision board is a visual representation of something you want to achieve in life.


By putting it together and then placing it somewhere that you will see it ALL the time.

The vision will embed into the subconscious part of your brain…it’s powerful shit the subconscious, representing up to 95% of the brain so don’t underestimate!


We all learn and process information in different ways according to the VARK model it can be Visual, Audible, (listening)  Read/write and Kinaesthetic (doing)


Some of us are way more susceptible to visual learning versus the other types of learning and if you feel like this is you then lean into that. A birth vision board might be a lovely way to enhance any other birth prep you are doing or support your written birth plan in helping you to achieve the birth you desire.


Where to start


It’s human nature to respond better to positive reinforcement so think about the birth you WANT and focus your energy here (rather than one you don’t want)


These are some questions that might help.


Where do you want to give birth?

Who do you want to support you?

How do you want to feel when you give birth?

What do you want to remember most about your labour?

What words are you drawn to when thinking about birth?

Are there any special people, places or other things that you might want to bring to mind when you give birth that make you feel happy, safe and at ease


Then it’s time to get your images together.


Over and above your own personal photos

Instagram and Pinterest are great places to look for imagery and of course there’s tonnes of Mum and baby magazines out there!


There are loads of amazing instagram accounts that have some fab photos of birthing mamas in action too, it which can be incredibly powerful to see birth in action, Raw, beautiful and intense!  


Powerful words


Consider too, adding on some affirmations to your board. Affirmations are positive statements about birth in the present tense.


An example might be


‘ My baby is exactly the right size for my body’


OR  ‘my surges cannot be more powerful than me, because they ARE me’


That’s One of the Calm Birth School faves and loads of my clients say the same!


It doesn’t matter what they say, just that they resonate with you in some way and help you to feel more positive about birth.


Consider also, preparing for birth and your baby’s position


Something that we work with in Hypnobirthing is a picture of baby in the optimum position for birth, with their head down and back nestling on the left side of your tummy.


Every time you see that, it’s like send a subliminal message to your baby to get into that position.


Getting busy


Once you have all your imagery and inspiration then it’s time to get busy


Think about whether you want this to be old school cut and paste a glue stick and scissors with or whether you want to go digital.


Either way you want to end up with a hard copy that you can place somewhere that you will see regularly. I vote for the fridge cos I was in and out of that more times than I care to remember when I was pregnant!


Every time you see your vision board, you are sending powerful and positive messages about birth to the subconscious brain.


Final thoughts.


Same as a birth plan, there are no guarantees that your birth will look 100 percent is your vision board.

The more rigid we are on something happening EXACTLY was we want, the more open we are to disappointment if doesn’t.


I encourage you to have an open heart and an open mind and get informed with some good antenatal education so that you feel confident in your decisions along the way. Be flexible.


For more tips on how to get the positive birth you desire. Get in touch about Hypnobirthing, Pregnancy yoga and Ten Moons Pregnancy retreats in East London


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