A beginners guide to your birthing hormones

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A beginners Guide to Your Birthing Hormones

Hormones, so what? Hormones…we like to blame them right? When we are having a bad day or lose our shit with our partner. As ladies, using our hormones is our get out of jail free card once a month (or more, who’s counting?!) You might already be familiar with hormonal changes in your body, observing […]


A-Z of Hypnobirthing

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The A-Z of Hypnobirthing

What is Hypnobirthing going to do for YOU?   I like to think of  Hypnobirthing as a complete birth preparation for couples, but that doesn’t paint much of a picture for you does it? I compiled this A-Z of Hypnobirthing, drawing from the many aspects of my Calm Birth School course to help you dig a […]