A beginners guide to your birthing hormones

A beginners guide to your birthing hormones

Hormones, so what?

Hormones…we like to blame them right? When we are having a bad day or lose our shit with our partner. As ladies, using our hormones is our get out of jail free card once a month (or more, who’s counting?!)

You might already be familiar with hormonal changes in your body, observing the monthly nuances in our feelings as your experience ebbs and flows in your cycle. If you are pregnant and reading this then the likelihood is that you are all too familiar with the rollercoaster of emotions that your hormones can cause. Its all a bit crap really….But what if you knew how important they were in your labour? What if you discovered how to unlock secrets to your birthing hormones? how to get them to work to your advantage and to support a smooth running labour?

This handy infographic is created especially for you (by a self confessed hormone geek) to give you top line what you need to know about your hormones in labour and birth. Keen to know more and dig a bit deeper? we discuss the birthing hormones in depth in my Hypnobirthing classes and I would love to share it all with you so get in touch for more info.







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