5 surprising ways you can prepare for a positive birth even during a pandemic

5 surprising ways you can prepare for a positive birth even during a pandemic

A pandemic potentially adds several more layers of logistical and emotional overwhelm into the mix when you’re pregnant and preparing for birth.

Perhaps you were already feeling anxious and worried about the birth and this is spinning you out or perhaps you were feeling fine until a couple of weeks ago but it’s just tuning in to the news every day that has left you feeling uncertain and afraid.

You’re feeling shit scared,

Now more than EVER, you need practical support about how to adapt to changing circumstances and things not going to ‘plan’

I’ve always said Hypnobirthing is great if you are planning a simple, straightforward birth and where it REALLY comes into its own is helping you to remain calm and positive, in spite of difficult situations to deal with.

Here’s why Hypnobirthing matters now more than ever and how you can still prepare for a positive birth even during a pandemic. 

1. Learn tools and techniques to keep (corona) anxiety levels low and to support you during labour.

Fear and anxiety are the enemy of a smooth and interrupted birth. That may not be what you want to hear, but I know you also like to keep it real and so do we.

The great news is there are lots of things you can do to help target fear and anxiety and that’s the heart of Hypnobirthing.

By targeting and releasing your fears with these powerful techniques; You can then STOP worrying so much about all the things that might go wrong and START thinking about what might go right; helping you way feel more relaxed in the process.

How Hypnobirthing differs very much from some of the other antenatal classes you come across is MINDSET. You prepare your mind for something your body is gonna do (kinda like a sports psychology for birth)

Your brain is AMAZING and you have the capacity to train it to think differently with Hypnobirthing

2. Just DO it (nothing that is!) 

Under normal circumstances you might just reach for another glass of wine, right? Camomile tea isn’t really hitting the spot and It probably feels like there is literally nothing you can do to take the edge off right now if you’re pregnant.

It’s important to prioritise relaxation at this time of heightened stress.

We recommend introducing a daily Hypnobirthing practice of 20/30 mins with our MP3s which guide you into a deep state of relaxation. Yep that’s right Just spend 20 minutes doing nothing ( we really don’t do it enough you know)

The benefits of this practice are about the same as you having 2-3 hours worth of sleep, great for your nervous system and leaves you feeling zen AF.

It can help you unwind after a stressful day of dropped out internet connections working from home and many of our clients report better quality sleep after! If a chill pill existed; this is it!

3. Mentally prepare in case you have to birth alone without your partner.

This is the news headline we all hope we don’t have to hear,  But it’s already happening in the US and Ireland and it’s important to have a real and open convo about the whole shebang rather than bury our heads in the sand.

By this point,  you may not be not expecting a picture-perfect birth, you just want a set of tools to take control of any situation right?

What if you have to birth on your own? That’s a big what if?

We spend a great deal of time on our  Hypnobirthing courses talking about ‘what if’ moments and safe to say this has been expanded to include your birth partner not being physically present at the birth…just in case.

Creating a ‘just in case’ contingency plan for anything that is weighing on your mind is a great way to feel more confident about it all.  Once you have your flexible birth plan that covers the ‘what ifs’ you can focus on the birth you do want…. Your brain responds better to positive reinforcement after all.


4. Learn an A-Z of coping strategies and comfort measures (so you can birth at home as long as possible)

Want to avoid spending time at the hospital at the mo? We hear you! With Hypnobirthing you learn all of the many ways you can relieve pain and discomfort so that you can birth as home as long as possible (and as long as you feel safe and comfortable of course)

There are so many things that you do to help manage contractions and on our Hypnobirthing course, you get a powerful toolkit of tricks that you can use in your home, hospital and even in the taxi there.

This all starts with learning about your own birthing hormones, How they work, How they can help reduce pain in labour AND how they can help keep your contractions strong powerful and effective, Mother Nature is amazing and with simple tricks, you can ‘hack’ your hormones to optimise them for birth


5. Create a flexible birth plan and feel more in control.

Now more than ever, you may be feeling a loss of control. With the circumstances and advice changing daily. It’s no surprise.

Birth centers closing in order to be coronavirus special wards, Homebirth teams are suspending services, Things are changing daily.

I say this not to freak you out, You to feel ready for anything and that means broaching these issues.

The secret here is creating a flexible birth plan that can adapt to changing circumstances. It also involves a mindset shift.

With Hypnobirthing we focus on the things you CAN control and let go of what you can’t control. This helps you get back in the driving seat

This really isn’t exclusive to birth either. As a small business owner with a small child at home now, the past two weeks have been a roller coaster.  I have been reminding myself of this daily to help me adapt to ‘ the new normal’

The skills you learn in Hypnobirthing set you up for parenthood…if not life!


BONUS  You get informed, You feel empowered.

Knowledge truly is power and getting informed on all the choices available to you is the key to an empowered birth experience, even when it doesn’t go to 100% to plan. I urge you to please seek out good online classes to help you prepare for the biggest day of your life. You won’t regret it

Regardless of what’s happening in the world, this is your birth, your baby; Yeah you might need to pivot a bit and nobody likes change at first right?  But we are amazing and adaptable creatures who have the capacity to change and that feels awesome to know right now.

I hope you have found this useful, please comment and share away!

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