The 5 P’s of Hypnobirthing

The 5 P’s of Hypnobirthing

I do love a good infographic!

The Hormones Infographic has been going down a storm at the Hypnobirthing Taster classes so I whipped up another little number for you Walthamstow Parents to be!

While I was creating My A-Z of Hypnobirthing I realised there was a Hell of a lot of P’s. Maybe its the background in fashion marketing Many moons ago. but I couldn’t resist putting this together. Ladies and Gentlemen boys and girls, I present to you the 5 Ps of Hypnobirthing…


You really do get out what you put in. There’s no such thing as the perfect birth but practice makes positive! Every time you listen to your calm birth school recordings you are adding more positive ‘files’ about birth to your subconscious hard drive. So build time in whenever you can to practice, practice practice!  I get that you are probably super busy – its the curse of the 21st century.  My advice is work smart, not hard!  I used to listen to relaxations in the bath or affirmations on the tube to work –  Mama to be Multitasking



Unless you are planning a homebirth and you already feel totally familiar with your environment then this will involve a bit of work.  You really cannot spend too much in your chosen place of birth before the big day. Show up, ask a tonne of questions and regularly visualise yourself feeling safe and giving birth in your chosen place of birth. It also helps to know practical things like where will you park? and is there somewhere you can buy food and drink etc etc



The biggest P of all!  People always ask if they should bring their birth partner to the Hypnobirthing course. And while that really depends on your individual circumstances.


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