3 Tips for creating your ultimate birthing playlist

3 Tips for creating your ultimate birthing playlist


Want to make a great birthing playlist? I’ve shared my favourite tips below to make a truly emotive selection for your birth day.

Music is powerful stuff when you hear one of your favourite songs it has the ability to make all the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.  Perhaps a song comes on the radio, you find your foot uncontrollably tapping along. On the flip side, hearing really emotional music can cause a physical reaction in your body.  I only need to hear the start of the music to Love Actually and I’m crying like a baby!

Having a great birthing playlist can be really useful to have up your sleeve in labour for those moments when you ‘cannot listen to that bloody Hypnobirthing relaxation soundtrack for one second longer! ‘

The right music choices can enhance your mood and help get your birthing hormones peaking which bring on a sense of natural euphoria (yes please, where can I get some of that!) and provide a sense of distraction from the intensity of your surges

There are lots of other ways to get these yummy birthing hormones going and I share all of this in my Hypnobirthing sessions.

So, how do you make a birthing playlist to help you power on through those contractions? Here are a few ideas to get you started.


1. Have Two playlists
Until the big day, you don’t really know how you are going to feel. Will you need music that’s calm, serene and move you deeper in the birthing zone? Or will you need something more upbeat to give you the encouragement you need to keep going.
My advice –  have two options. One more mellow and then something with a little bit more get up and go. That way you are covered.  You might even find yourself switching between the playlists as the birth progresses.

2. Plan it with your Partner.
This can be a lovely way for a couple to bond before the baby comes. What songs really remind you of the good times you have had together as a couple? Spend some time reminiscing over those hedonistic nights you shared before your baby making days. Married?  Relive the favourites from your wedding playlist or first dance.
Maybe there are songs you both like to play to your baby bump which makes them have their own little disco in your belly. Have some fun with it.

3. Baby Shower Bonus
Feeling lazy? You could always farm the job out to your girl gang. Ask them to create a bespoke birthing playlist for you as part of your baby shower. Shared dance floor moments, car singalongs, festival favourites can all bring a smile to your face. On the big day, you really will feel like the crew are right there with you, it might be just that little bit of extra motivation you need when things get tough.

That’s my 3 top tips…Whats on your birthing playlist?


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