3 Things I hate about Hypnobirthing…

3 Things I hate about Hypnobirthing…


Let me start by saying of course by how much I love Hypnobirthing.   

Hypnobirthing can transform your life

It can completely alter your whole perspective on birth and for me, not only this. It inspired me to work towards helping other couples in and around the Walthamstow area prepare for a calm and confident birth experience. and I believe it can help you too!

BUT that doesn’t mean I love it all, there are some crap bits and I want to get them off my chest.

Number 1.

Let’s start with the obvious one – the name. Whoever coined that phrase needs a bloody word with them self!

Hypnobirthing makes people think of 3 things. In no particular order –  Swinging gold watches,

stage hypnosis and clucking like a chicken.


None of which appears any of my sessions. I promise….and no Derren Brown either!


Now I don’t know what face your partner pulls when you talk about the idea of a Hypnobirthing course, or maybe they just change the subject and I think the name has a lot to do with this.

My partner says the hyp makes him think of Hippies. Or as the Calm Birth school founder Suzy Ashworth would say – a bit woo!


Me, I don’t mind some hippy vibes or woo or whatever you want to call it. Hell I’ve even been known to charge my crystals by the light of the moon.

But my partner in crime, on the other hand, he took some serious persuading before we took the course as parents and the name didn’t help

What about positive birth preparation? or confident birth coaching? Birth psychology. Anything except HYPNOBIRTHING! But that’s the name and it’s sticking for now so who am I to argue. It’s part of the reason I regularly hold a monthly free intro to Hypnobirthing at Locus of Walthamstow That way it’s easy to dispel some of the common myths and share a little bit more about what it actually is! Check out my Social Media for regular updates on these sessions


Number 2

….well actually number 2s.

spoiler alert. I have to talk about POO a lot.

Pooing crops up regularly in Hypnobirthing because your cervix is a sphincter muscle – Just like your bum hole.

This means that there a lot of comparisons you can make between having a baby and having a poo. Who’d of thought it?!

It’s also super useful to practice your birth breathing…you guessed it, when you are having a poo.

I always address the elephant in the room straight away in my first session and say that we will be talking about it on more than one occasion.

Don’t get me wrong I’m no prude but having a toddler means I have conversations about shit on a regular basis. Ok enough already there is much more to Hypnobirthing than just POO!


Number 3

I hate that Hypnobirthing is a relatively new concept and that for years I was absolutely shitting myself about the prospect of giving birth. In my blue sky utopian future,  some of the concepts from Hypnobirthing is the kind of thing that they teach us at school – as part of a practical life skills class. When was the last time that you needed to know what a how many sides a parallelogram has? Or how many wives Henry the 8th had (ok ignore that one, I bloody love learning about the Tudor dynasty)

Surely it would be super helpful to teach kids things like –  How to cook healthy food, how to manage your finances and how to give birth calmly or support your birth partner confidently? I guess it would put me out of business so be careful what you wish for eh.

Well,  I can’t change the world or the education system but I’ve made it my mission in life to help as many couples as possible prepare for a positive birth experience and that includes YOU.


If you live in Walthamstow or the surrounding areas then get in touch for a free 15-minute phone consultation so I can share the amazing things I LOVE about Hypnobirthing and how they can benefit you, your birth partner and your baby.

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