10 Things To Do When You Go Past Your Due Date

10 Things To Do When You Go Past Your Due Date


The mystical magical ‘due date’ of 40 weeks pregnant. If you give birth on your estimated due date then you are in a small minority. As few as 4 per cent give birth on that date,  some women even birth before then, any time between 37 and 42 weeks for the average mum.


Some babies keep us on our toes and they like to cook a little longer than others


I KNOW all too well what it’s like to see that magical due date come and go


You feel like a weeble, you’re waddling like a duck and chances are you aren’t sleeping. HURRY UP, BABY!


All of this is amplified because you have so much more time on your hands than usual to think about stuff, now you’re not working.


The aim of this blog isn’t to coax the little one out (they are coming soon, I promise Mama) more like tips to keep you sane while you play the waiting game.



Here are my top 10 ‘things to do’ when you go past your due date



  1. Get a pregnancy massage.

Double whammy of pros for this. Firstly it feels bloody nice and will help to relax you which means baby is more likely to make an appearance. Secondly, it increases levels of oxytocin and endorphins that have the power to work together as Mother Nature’s heady cocktail of pain relief In your labour. Bonus.


  1. Go out for lunch or dinner

Be It with your partner in crime or one of your girl gang. Do it as often as you can afford. It doesn’t need to be somewhere fancy, just out. This is the best bit of advice someone gave me when I was pregnant and it’s soooo much cheaper when you don’t drink!


  1. Go to the cinema

You might be one of those lucky Mums who can take their nice, calm quiet baby to watch a film. Or maybe not….I didn’t go to the cinema for almost 2 years after baba was born!! It’s another one of those things that can fall by the wayside when you have a baby so if your a film buff then think about putting that time to good use here.


  1. Get your hair done

This. SO much. Either at the salon or get a mobile hairdresser to come round your house as it might be a few months before you the get round to it again. I massively regret not doing this before I had my baby. It can be quite challenging to come to terms with your post-pregnancy body. If I’m gonna feel like that again, I’m gonna do it with a killer fringe!



  1. Get your nails done.



  1. Stock up your freezer.

This is super useful for the all-important 4th Trimester (aka your 40 days R and R period after baby is born) Ideally you want to be doing as little as possible in this time except for looking after your baby, resting and sleeping. BUT you will probably want to eat good, nutritious food in this time. especially if you are breastfeeding.  So getting some stuff ready before the baby takes the pressure off a bit and keeps your mind and hands busy before the baby comes.

For more tips on how to prepare for the 4th Trimester (after baba comes) then check out The First 40 Days book by Heng OU



  1. Bake a cake (or something)

Bonus points if it’s a chocolate cake for maximum oxytocin boosting vibes. Baking can be quite therapeutic. And It’s nice to have on hand when visitors come over (although I believe they should be bringing stuff to you! ) I’m a slapdash kinda baker, you can’t go wrong with brownies.


  1. Make a birth playlist

Chances are you were a little bit busy before you finished work. And might not have got round this. Music is very evocative, it’s a great way to feel good and as we want to amplify those feel-good hormones in birth.  It’s also a fun afternoon putting it together. Reminiscing about fun-filled festivals with your partner, that sunset in Ibiza and wild nights out with your girls. How can that NOT make you feel good! You may want to consider a chilled out playlist and something a bit more uptempo. Who knows how you are gonna feel on the day. If you want to go for salt and pepa’s push it, then who am I to stop you?!

Of course, it’s a very personal thing but if you want some inspiration you can check out my pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing playlist here



  1. Take a pregnancy yoga/relaxation class

OK so you might not be feeling crazy active right now, I get that. I always say to my yoga ladies, even if you turn up on the mat and BREATHE then you are getting benefits from the class. Especially the blissful 20-minute relaxation at the end. You will leave feeling zen and super relaxed.

Find out more about my LushTums yoga classes in Leyton here



  1. Turn off your phone!

If you have told the world and his wife when you are due to give birth then don’t be surprised when they start getting in touch on or around your due date. Those messages and notifications pinging non-stop from well-meaning friends asking “have you had that bloody baby yet???’  might just be enough to send you over the edge. We need you nice and chilled to get those birthing hormones going so ditch the tech. Better still if you are reading this in time. Just add 2 weeks to your due date when people ask you.




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