10 Amazing Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

10 Amazing Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga


Are you still tearing around like a blue arsed fly even though you are a good few months pregnant? I know I was. Working like a dog, trying to cram in brunches and lunches and seeing friends…cos life stops when you have a baby right?*  Is your body telling you it’s time to slow down now?


I’m sure it comes to no surprise that highly recommend that you consider taking a pregnancy yoga class as part of your birth preparation. Regular practice comes with untold benefits for you AND your baby and the good news is, you don’t need ANY previous yoga experience to take it up.


I could go on and on and probably ON about the benefits of pregnancy yoga with LushTums as there is a whole host of them but here are a few to get you going.


1 – Pregnancy yoga helps you to relax, rest and revitalise your body AND mind – reducing stress and anxiety levels which can be heightened in pregnancy.


2 – Certain poses and postures can alleviate day to day pregnancy ailments such as pelvic girdle pain, insomnia, headaches, heartburn and back pain.I always take time to check in my ladies at the start of the class so I can see where we can add in moves to help make them feel better.


3 – With regular practice of yoga in pregnancy, you will strengthen and tone your body to stay help you healthy throughout your pregnancy, and support your postnatal recovery.


4 – Your teacher will share with you powerful coping strategies for birth including breathing techniques, movement in labour and how to relax during the birth which can all help you deal with the sensations of labour and birth more comfortably.


5 – You will discover ways to encourage your baby into the optimum positioning for the birth which can help contribute towards a swift and easier labour.


6 – We always start the class with a ‘hello circle’ .You will have the opportunity to share your pregnancy experience with other women in a supportive, safe space.


7 – Taking some time out of your hectic day means you are able to switch off from what’s going on at work or home and focus on you and your baby instead.


8 – There are lots of hormonal and physical changes happening in your body as your pregnancy progresses. Taking a good pregnancy yoga class means you will learn safe ways to modify your yoga practice in pregnancy from a prenatal specialist.


9 – There is a focus on connecting with your baby in pregnancy yoga. Your baby benefits from prenatal bonding with you in the last trimester when their emotional regulation takes place in the womb.


10 – You will meet like-minded women in your local community to help you build your ‘village’ for the postnatal recovery period. Never underestimate the power of a good support network!


I hope that’s persuaded you but if you would like to see for yourself, come along to a LushTums Pregnancy yoga class. They are popping up all over the UK.  My class in the heart of Leyton is suitable for anyone living in the Leyton, Walthamstow or Leytonstone area and I would love to have you join the class so come and see what it’s all about!

Click here to see the timetable and book a class


*PS It’s OK, You can have a life after the baby comes! Those brunches and lunches and girly weekends can come back!




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