Fearless birth – Get informed and feel empowered!

Hey, I’m Katie.

I help people who are shit scared about giving birth and who have been burying their head in the sand when it comes to preparing for their big day.

I am a Hypnobirthing instructor and pregnancy yoga teacher based in East London.

On my Hypnobirthing courses,  I focus my energy on demystifying everything for you and answering those questions you’ve been too afraid to ask. Empowering you to make confident choices about your unique birth experience AND sharing a tonne of techniques to help you let go of your fears.

I won’t sugar coat things for you and tell you things are easy or gonna be plain sailing so when you take a course with me, you and your partner leave with practical tools to help you prepare for a positive birth even when things don’t go 100% to plan.

Preparing for birth is so much more than a few trips to Ikea and a new buggy!

Curious to know more? Get in touch for a 15-minute discovery call and I will share with you my top 3 tips for a positive birth!

Hypnobirthing London


Pregnancy Yoga

Restore and relax. Take time out for you and your baby to connect.

Learn powerful poses, breathing techniques coping strategies for birth. Meet like-minded Mamas to be in your area.

Ten Moons Pregnancy Retreats

Take a well-deserved pause at one of my holistic pregnancy retreats. Spend a day with like-minded pregnant women. Enjoy practical sessions and expert wellness workshops to leave you feeling relaxed and ready for birth.


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